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God Bless America

I hope this will work. My brother shared it with me, and it really “got to me.” Maybe if it doesn’t work just by clicking it you might be able to Google it.  It’s from 1970. (Many of you weren’t born then, right?). I love the song (and consider it a hymn): God bless America, land that  LOVE!!!  

MEE comments about this blog

GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU THERE IN “READERLAND” I have NO idea if anyone’s checking or reading this Blog, but I wanted to assure you that I’m still working on finding a way for your to sign up to receive notice of new postings (IF you want … you can always cancel). I’m still “home-bound” (due to hideous air quality… Read more »


  I learned that there are names for people who collect things.  For example, someone who collects bird’s eggs is a Dologist. I didn’t know that!  Did YOU know that? Someone who collects postcards is a Deltiologist (I was that – without knowing what to call it—for a few years). Shells? Conchologist (I kind of “get” that one). Teddy Bears?… Read more »

The False Gods We Worship

THE FALSE GODS WE WORSHIP By President Spencer W. Kimball Spencer W. Kimball, “The False Gods We Worship,” Ensign, Jun 1976, 3 I have heard that the sense most closely associated with memory is the sense of smell. If this is true, then perhaps it explains the many pleasing feelings that overtake me these mornings when I am able to… Read more »

Happiness opposite Misery

I spend quite a bit of time thinking about the great plan of happiness opposite the awful plan of misery. Here we are, “in the middle,” with agency – the right to choose, and we know a lot about the consequences of our choices. We ARE that we might have JOY – we EXIST in order that we might experience… Read more »

27 June 1844

MEEThinks   June 27, 2015   5 Comments on 27 June 1844

Today is an anniversary. One that is not the kind you celebrate with a party or something. It’s the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He and his brother Hyrum were shot to death by a mob in Carthage, Illinois. One comforting thought I’ve always had about this tragic event is that they were welcomed HOME by… Read more »

More mail from AARP

I wish this could be in technicolor.  But know it can’t I’ll strive to be content with just telling you about it.  It was addressed to me. Via MEE-Mail. “Fei: Get more of what you want from your AARP. Share your interests. Subscribe to e-newsletters. Welcome Fei! [That was in BIG letters] Thanks for being part of AARP. You’ll discover there’s… Read more »


MEEThinks   June 26, 2015   2 Comments on THIS JUST IN

WISCONSIN CITY BARS USE OF KANGAROOS AS SERVICE ANIMALS BEAVER DAM, Wis. — Jun 17, 2015, 8:17 AM ET / AP Officials have changed a southeastern Wisconsin city’s rules on service animals after a woman took a baby kangaroo into a McDonald’s restaurant. The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen reports the city’s Common Council voted 14-0 Monday night to define a service animal as… Read more »