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I never thought I’d be 75. I never thought I’d experience getting older. I didn’t even think about it when I was a lot younger. I was completely healthy (except for hay fever and motion sickness) and could do about anything I wanted (like sports, running, climbing, jumping). I remember my Mother telling me, when she was at about the… Read more »

MEE TALK from 2008

You’ll recognize that there are some things which have changed since 2008. But I still hope this might help you if you want to include some things about missions and missionary work in your family home evenings, family councils, one-on-one visits with your family members, and so on. THURS – FRI, 01-02 MAY, 2008 – BYU WOMEN’s CONFERENCE MARY ELLEN… Read more »


OUTLINE (Sprinkle the following liberally with examples, illustrations, personal stories) And if you decided to use any of what I’ve shared, ADD TO IT… make it your own. There are “tons” more good ideas than just those I’ve shared. Off you go!! BEST RESOURCES: Scriptures, Preach My Gospel, Ensign, books, talks and articles by Church leaders (especially the 15), positive… Read more »