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Johnny Hart

MEEThinks   August 30, 2015   1 Comment on Johnny Hart

I thought I’d enjoy sharing with you something about one of my favorite cartoonists, Johnny Hart. He may have been one of your favorites too.  He was born 18 February 1931 and died 07 April, 2007 (age 76).  Among other things, he created B.C. and Wizard of Id.  He was an extraordinary cartoonist.  He died of a stroke while working… Read more »


MEEThinks   August 28, 2015   5 Comments on A LOGIC PUZZLE

Here’s the way we’re going to handle this:  I’m going to share a puzzle, and you’re going to try to guess the answer. I’m going to give you time to think about it (this is a puzzle of logic).  Don’t let it interfere with the laundry, the grocery shopping, the loading and/or unloading of the dishwasher, “must-watch TV,” scripture study,… Read more »


MEEThinks   August 26, 2015   3 Comments on TOFW IS BACK!

The summer is over, the days are getting a tiny bit shorter each day, your vacation was fabulous (IF you had one… grin), there might be GREEN DAYS ahead! … AND … it’s time for TOFW again! TIME OUT FOR WOMEN! YES!  You can find out about all the coming events by going to I’m so excited that I’ll… Read more »

What a woman!

MEEThinks   August 25, 2015   2 Comments on What a woman!

This is INCREDIBLE! Here’s a woman replacing a landing gear wheel MID-AIR with NO PARACHUTE!!  This was Gladys Ingalls, and the film from 1924 (so it’s kind of “grainy,”) shows her doing this “mechanical feat.” Fantastic.  She was a member of a barnstorming troupe called the 13 Black Cats in the 1920’s. Ingalls was a WING WALKER. In this film, she shows her… Read more »