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Last day of September

MEEThinks   September 30, 2015   No Comments on Last day of September

Time really DOES fly on wings of lightning, doesn’t it. I re-discovered this thought from the “Music and the Spoken Word” message a few years ago. Enjoy it again – and have a wonderful “last day of the month.” Delivered On: July 11th 2010 – Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell – OPTIMISM   It’s interesting how two people can approach similar… Read more »

Mummy’s getting cranky!

Thanks to my friend Sylvia for sharing. This is a gift to SLEEP-DEPRIVED PARENTS from the Sydney Symphony and the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. Classical music lovers (I’m one of those) will recognize the music, but have a good time listening to the new words by Matthew Hodge. Mummy’s getting cranky! ENJOY!!  (I hope this link works)      

General Women’s Session

Wasn’t the General Women’s Session of General Conference inspiring! Oh, I really enjoyed it. We are HIS! Prayer and scriptures “vs” the internet. The blessing of wearing the Temple Garment properly. Trials qualify us for rewards beyond our imagination. We are Pioneers of the present, linked to those of the past. Minister to each other – saviors of ourselves and… Read more »


MEEThinks   September 25, 2015   7 Comments on OBFUSCATORY SCRIVENERY

Several years ago I came across some information about obfuscatory scrivenery – or, so I can understand it: FOGGY WRITING. Enjoy! This may cause you to do some research and come up with your own “scores.” (This will be here later if you’re really busy today).   Some years ago, a New York plumber discovered that hydrochloric acid was dandy… Read more »