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Oh what shall I ask….

I feel like I’m still pondering about THANKSgiving.  I’ve been thinking back on an experience I had around 10 or 11 years ago.  I was participating in the “Know Your Religion” program back then, and I’d do a LOT of driving, so I had time for a LOT of thinking.  On this particular day, I was driving along in the… Read more »


MEEThinks   November 27, 2015   4 Comments on BLACK FRIDAY

Yep… it’s “BLACK FRIDAY.” I’ve always wondered why they chose black (rather than yellow, green, red, purple, apricot, or ash grey…)  And why not turkey-brown Thursday, plaid Wednesday, fuchsia Tuesday… (I’m getting carried away… I can tell, and YOU can tell too). Anyway, this is black Friday, and many stores resemble ant hills. Is it REALLY like this??? (I’ve never… Read more »

Our Identity and Our Destiny

I heard Elder Callister give this incredible talk during Education Week at BYU in 2012 (14 August). It has impressed me so much in the reading and re-reading and pondering of it.  You may find answers to some of your questions, or some very effective ways to respond to the questions others might ask you. Or just a LOT to… Read more »


The TOFW today and last evening: INCREDIBLE!  Thanks to EVERYONE who helped it happen!  I had a fantastic time!  I feel like if I start thanking individuals I’ll never be able to stop.  How about Jenny and her 4 children… Sheri’s interview of Natalie and Mallory (and some fantastic Studio C clips)… and Mary.  How about Gentri, Lisa, Tim, Hank,… Read more »