The TOFW today and last evening: INCREDIBLE!  Thanks to EVERYONE who helped it happen!  I had a fantastic time!  I feel like if I start thanking individuals I’ll never be able to stop.  How about Jenny and her 4 children… Sheri’s interview of Natalie and Mallory (and some fantastic Studio C clips)… and Mary.  How about Gentri, Lisa, Tim, Hank, and Emily … and the local team … and the extraordinary TOFW HQ team … and the AV folks … and the AWESOME women and girls who came. WOWEEEE!!! How about our wonderful drive Deborah/Debbie (my favorite FriesIen specialist!… hope I spelled FreisIen right).  So many friends and dear ones — California buddies, missionaries I had the privilege of teaching in the MTC, nurses I taught at BYU (I always apologize… I knew so little)… Other presenters who came to support us (THANK YOU!!!)  People I haven’t seen in a coon’s age (and I understand coons live a long time!)  I loved having so many family members there — it’s the most I’ve had come to an event since I started doing TOFW almost 13 years ago!  I think the final count was 9 or 10 (including 2 in TOFG!); we tried to gather everyone for a picture but ended up with those in the attached photo.  It was fun “picking on” Marie, for whom my sister Charlotte and I are visiting teachers — she found me after that and said she was at the back of the room waving her arms (maybe some of you saw her, ha ha); she’s great, and a good sport.  So THANK YOU, SALT LAKE! I wish I could have visited with every single one of you, but I think I’d have turned 80 by the time I finished asking lots of questions and doing lots of listening.  And to those of you who got a magnet: remember to keep it away from hearing aides and other stuff!!!.  HA HA HA HA HA HA  … MUCH LOVE to ALL OF YOU!!!  I’m exhausted… I’m going to bed!  I apologize for anyone I left out or anything I meant to share and didn’t, or spelling errors, etc. etc. etc.  OH!  But before I ride off into the sunset, I want to thank ALL OF THE ABOVE and THOUSANDS OF OTHERS for a FANTASTIC YEAR OF TOFW and TOFG!!!  LOTS of miracles, LOTS of love, and LOTS of LIVING PROOF that we are BELIEVERS and FOLLOWERS.  Let’s keep believing and following, and let’s look forward to next year with ONE HEART, ONE FAITH.  Hope to see MANY of you in 2016!!! And now I really really really mean it.  I’m outta here……….

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3 thoughts on “THANKS TO “EVERYONE!”

  1. Camille

    I tried to get any of my Facebook friends that went to try and say hi for me. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Probably not something to go to by yourself though huh? :@/ Oh well, someday I will get to go and not worry about missing work and dealing with the fallout from it, or being too tired to fully enjoy the fun. Someday… (my bucket list is kind of getting bigger than I thought it could be). I hope whenever that happens, you will be there too! I also need to find a friend or two to go with. It’s almost always better with more than one. :@) I am glad it was so great! Makes me happy to imagine so many happy people in one place. :@)


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