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There are 8 of us.  I’m 2nd.  I have 4 brothers (Paul, Frank, John, Richard) and 3 sisters (Charlotte, Susan, Ann).  And you’re right – these are all solid old names… grin).  Our parents were both witty. Mom was hilarious, and Dad had such a quick wit.  They blessed us all with good humor and a love of laughter.


(Short parents, eh?  They both lived to be 95!)  We have MANY stories and jokes in our family where all we have to say is “That’s my specialty” or some other short code, and we all laugh. You probably have things similar in your family.

This story is about Paul (first-born) and Frank (fifth-born).  They both ended up at the Provo Temple one day several years ago.  (I hope this story won’t offend anyone).  Paul was just coming, and Frank was just leaving. Frank waited until Paul had left, then scooted his bag over on top of the next set of lockers.  He took a key from there and put it in the locker Paul had just left.  And then Frank left….  Can you already imagine what happened when Paul returned?  Here’s what happened:

From: paul edmunds <***.com>  Subject: Repent ye, repent ye!  To: Frank ***.com

Oh ye troublesome brother.  Why hast thou vexed thine elder brother in the temple of the Lord?  Hast thou not enough things on thy mind to keep thee busy?  And why hast thou caused thy elder brother to be of mind to consider himself diminishing in mental capacity?  Oh the pain of not finding one’s locker while patrons and Elders looked on.  And thoughts from bystanders, though not stated aloud with boldness, projected a state of dementia of thy elder brother.  Oh the pain of dealing momentarily with senility, only to find that one’s own flesh and blood could think up such skulduggery.  The misplaced temple suitcase, the patron’s key placed insidiously in thy brother’s locker.  Repent, oh ye, and be liken to thy older brother, never to have played out such acts upon even the least of these.  May thy holidays be filled with mischief on thyself, my younger brother, and may thy New Year be filled with time for thy sincere repentance!

From: Frank Edmunds <***.com>  Subject: The Epistle of Paul  To: paul edmunds <***.com>

O, My Brother, thou that dwellest in the mountains of Springville. I thank thee for thy E‑epistle to one as lowly and insignificant as thy younger brother.  Yea, when I receivedst thy E‑epistle, it maketh me to have a merry heart and a cheerful countenance, and doeth me good like a medicine. Yea, I laugheth! But, behold, my Brother, the Firstborn of our Father, how knowest thou that I have done this thing of which thou accuseth me?  Behold, my Brother, I perceive that thou art a prophet, for verily, I indeed doth this thing according to thy words. And I thinketh, How knowest thou that I have done this thing? But, Verily, doth not the scripture say: “If thy brother has ought against thee: go thy way and first be reconciled to thy brother”?  Behold, my Brother, I repent of the evil I have done unto thee – for my mirthfulness and my FRANKinnoncense. O, but behold, my Brother, after all, and nevertheless and notwithstanding, thou hast been, all these years, my mentor!  And as the scripture saith, “The younger brother can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the older Brother do…” and, “He whom the younger brother lovest, he tricketh”. I bid thee farewell my Brother, whom I lovest. Adieu.


MEE with PAUL and FRANK just before Frank left on his mission (We visited Paul in Arizona)


MEE with PAUL and FRANK quite a few years later


12 thoughts on “PAUL and FRANK

  1. Teri Wharff

    Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud! Especially loved “mirthfulness and FRANKinnocense”. Oh how I would have loved to share a day in the life of your amazing, mirthful family! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Janet Kerr

    THAT IT HILARIOUS! How would it be to be raised in a family with a such a great sense of humor? My Mother struggled to find the humor in things which had its effect on our family relationships. I have often felt sorry for her in that way. How much she missed. She was transferred Home 28 years ago this month (half my life). For her sake, I hope she has learned the value of laughter and good humor during that time. I think I’d go mad if I couldn’t laugh at myself and all the crazy situations I find myself in (too many of which I probably brought on myself). My Dad had a good sense of humor with a dry wit that I always enjoyed. He’s been Home for nearly 35 years now. Oh how I miss laughing with him. I remember a time when we were laughing so hard after watching Red Skelton (remember him?) we couldn’t stop, even for family prayer. My Mom wasn’t too happy with us as we kept giggling while she prayed. Just when you felt under control, someone else would giggle and off you go again. I don’t remember what Red Skelton had said that we found so funny, but I do remember the joy of that moment as my family laughed together, other than Mom. Again, how much she missed. I LOVE how you can see the humor in things. Thanks for sharing that humor while you teach us simple truths about profound things. Thanks for sharing your joy. It is contagious, much like laughter. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

      1. Janet Kerr

        I fear I shed a bad light on my Mom that I’d like to correct. There are very understandable reasons she struggled with laughing at life’s realities that I won’t go into. I always wished she could see the humor so she wouldn’t be so hard on herself when she didn’t measure up to her own very high expectations while comparing herself to others. But she sure knew how to care for and serve others at a level that is amazing. Whenever I run into someone from my “home Ward,” even after all these years, they always share things they remember about my Mom and how grateful they are for all she did for them and how much they miss her. I wish I was more like her in that way. But I am glad I inherited my Dad’s sense of humor and can laugh when I don’t “measure up” to what I presume everyone else can do. That reminds me of a thought I jotted down from TOFW this year, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I truly believe that and wish my Mom could have understood that better. I think it would have helped her be able to laugh at life more. Yes, how much she missed. But she did the best she could and is an amazing woman in so many other ways for which I am truly grateful.

  3. Lisa Warthen

    So funny! I am 3rd of 7 and I love joking around with my siblings. My brothers have great senses of humor (or is it sense of humors??). Like you said, it is so neat how someone can say one phrase and everyone bust up laughing:) Another thing this post makes me think of, though, is how wonderful it is to be in the temple with them. Thanks for sharing a smile this morning:)

  4. Camille

    And now it came to pass that there was not one (but many!) That laugheth at this. Behold the power of siblings. The force is well with these ones. Oh wait, that last part was star wars not scriptures. Haha! My siblings and I grew up in some unconventional situations. My poor parents. They had to deal with our overly creative and active minds. One memory that makes me laugh like a little school girl to this day is when we lived with my grandparents and all 6 of us kids shared one room and a queen sized bed. Let’s just say no more monkeys jumping on the bed and the one game where one rolls off one at a time was a staple in our nightly routines! Then there was the truly funny things we did that made mom and dad get frustrated (we were supposed to be sleeping after all.) We would turn off the light and start tossing our stuffed animals at each other. It was so funny! It was too dark to see anything coming at you. :@) Then we would stare into the dark and make up things that were flying, but never really flew in real life. Oh we laughed a lot those days. We could hear when someone was coming because the floor leading to the room squeaked really bad. We would get really quiet really fast and pretend to be asleep. They never fell for it. Hehe. After they tried to put us in our place (make us be quiet and go to sleep) they would leave. We couldn’t help but giggle. Yah, some may think sharing a room and bed with siblings like we did was bad or weird, but we had so much fun! Of course there were down sides, but for the most part we loved it. :@) I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in your home(s) while you grew up. Surely that would have been awesome! I loved your story about your brothers. Made me smile big and of course giggle pretty good too. Humor is pretty awesome! Speaking of little pranks, One of my favorite things to do at my parents place is hide in the coat closet right at the top of the stairs when someone is coming up them. I watch for feet so they can’t see a head peaking around the corner. When I see feet I jump out and blurt out ‘blah!’ Gets them every time. You would think they would expect it by now. Hahahaha!!! I am going to have to try the senile thing your brother did to someone sometime. That was hilarious! :@D


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