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MEEThinks   January 31, 2016   1 Comment on THE HOLY GHOST

“Thy Constant Companion”: The Promised Blessings of the Holy Ghost, By Spencer J. Condie  (Ensign, Oct. 1980, 32 – 34) I have been drawn to talks given and articles and books written by Elder Condie. I hope you’ll enjoy this one about the Holy Ghost.  Happy Sabbath!!  Love, mee In the twilight of his earthly ministry, the Savior began to prepare… Read more »


MEEThinks   January 30, 2016   5 Comments on MR. ROGERS

A SHOUT-OUT today to MR. ROGERS – FRED ROGERS. He started “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” on 19 February 1968. The show’s purpose, as put forth by Mr. Rogers, was to promote: good self esteem, self control, imagination, creativity, curiosity, appreciation of diversity, cooperation, patience, and persistence.  I found some interesting things about this good, decent man that I’d like to share…. Read more »

The Cockroach Saga

MEEThinks   January 29, 2016   5 Comments on The Cockroach Saga

PART ONE My dear companion, Ann, shared this on my Facebook page this morning, and I’ve laughed so hard!!!  A zillion memories!!! This is what she wrote:  Oh, the memories these words brought flooding into my mind. Eket. 1983. Candlelight. Cockroaches flying around us. Screaming. Hearts pounding. Terror. Actually, Annie, it was 1984. But I will never EVER forget THAT NIGHT…… Read more »


MEEThinks   January 28, 2016   6 Comments on TIME OUT!

I love the title for the events sponsored by Deseret Book: “Time Out for Women.”  It feels like a healthy thing to just STOP once in a while before getting back into the game, the laundry, the hike, the studying, the pruning, the arguing, the fussing, or whatever. Here are a few ideas.  I hope at least one might work… Read more »