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MEEThinks   March 31, 2016   13 Comments on AFFLUENZA

Over 20 years ago or so, I happened to see a program on PBS which “got me.” Do you know what I mean? It’s like I was being made aware of something which I’d already thought about but hadn’t “named” or “described.” For as long as I can remember (OK… don’t start laughing and saying something like “Let’s see… that… Read more »


MEEThinks   March 29, 2016   2 Comments on I LOVE MUSIC!

On Sunday afternoon I listened to the Messiah on KBYU-FM (I pretty much have this radio station on all the time). This recent recording by the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra with special guests as soloists is exquisite! I really enjoyed listening. It brought back many memories of participating in the Messiah for many years while I was still in my… Read more »


You know from the title that this is Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s magnificent, tender message from the April 2009 General Conference (in the May 2009 issue of the Ensign). I share it on this beautiful Easter morning in case it’s been a while since you’ve read it. Have a wonderful, meaningful, sweet day, pondering on all that is possible for… Read more »


I really enjoyed the movie “Once I Was a Beehive.” A good movie! It brought back many memories of when I was a Beehive.  One year, when we went to Pine Valley for our camp, I had a broken ankle and was wearing a cast and using crutches. It was great, because whenever I wasn’t in the mood to do… Read more »

God’s Amazing Creations

When our Heavenly Father helps us with our hard times and challenges, we have faith in HIS abilities. When He helps us solve our problems, He has faith in OUR abilities, and He helps us become stronger and more like Him and His Son.  His/Their amazingness can be observed in many, many ways.  Some examples follow. God’s existence and beauty… Read more »

North Carolina!

MEEThinks   March 18, 2016   3 Comments on North Carolina!

This is going to be a wonderful “TIME OUT FOR WOMEN!” I’m scurrying around to be ready for my neighbor to take me to the airport at 4:30 (a.m., yes). Wheeeee! I’ll look forward to sharing about it when I return (I’ll probably send a note on Monday, because when I return Sunday I’m going to the dedication of the… Read more »