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THIS IS A TRIBUTE TO AN EXTRAORDINARY PEACEMAKER.  Today I’m giving a huge, joyous SHOUT-OUT to MATTIE STEPANEK. Many of you will remember who he is, and, if so, you’ll probably agree 100% with this shout-out. Mattie’s full name is: Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek, but he went by Mattie (whew). He was born on 17 July, 1990. His parents divorced… Read more »

Thursday 02 May 1996

Vicki Reynolds wrote on this blog that they’re showing “Mothers and Daughters” for a Relief Society activity. I’m not sure which one she means. It sounds like the one with the wives of the First Presidency where each had one daughter with her. Sister Hinckley had her eldest daughter, Kathleen (Kathy). This one is on YouTube (1999). It’s great! My… Read more »