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There’s a magazine which has a weekly contest, and the responses are often SO clever and sometimes hilarious. They ask readers to respond and then choose one or more of the best responses. I decided I’d share a few of them “now and then.” And today is our first day to experience them. Hope some of them make you smile!

Two Texas deer hunters were attacked by a revenge-minded buck, which charged into them, chased them into their truck, and ate their cigarettes. We asked you to please imagine the next instance of animal revenge on humankind, in headline format.  Reindeer Charge Santa $25 Per Carry-on Bag!


People with math anxiety feel actual pain when forced to do difficult numerical problems, according to a study that scanned their brains with MRI machines. We asked you to come up with a medical name for the misery felt by math haters.  Fibromyalgebra – Trig-anosis – Sine Flu

A New Jersey homeowner put up a sign on his lawn reading, “House for sale by owner, because my neighbor’s stupid.” We wondered, what truthful For Sale sign would you put up in front of your home?  House for sale before adult children try to move back in  /  House for sale by owner: We paid more than you will

An archaeologist discovered an Aboriginal cave painting in the Australian outback that was created 28,000 years ago. What line of graffiti might have been found next to it?  Say NO to the wheel  / Only 9,492,798 shopping days until Christmas! / Repent now! The world will end in 27,999 B.C.
After 115 years together, Bibi and Poldi—a mated pair of Galápagos giant tortoises at an Austrian zoo—had a vicious, biting fight and are no longer on speaking terms. We asked you for the last sentence one of them said to the other before the fight began.  I cheered for the hare. / Yeah, that outfit makes you look fat. / Just so you know … you taste like chicken.



6 thoughts on “NONSENSE

  1. Teri Wharff

    I laughed out loud, especially for the Fibromyalgebra because I flunked pre-algebra in jr. high and had to take it for summer school. Never made it to Trig, so I suppose I did have Trig-anosis! hahaha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leanne Anderson

    These are hilarious but I find myself wondering what headlines MEE would come up with for these…

    1. MEEThinks Post author

      HA… I’ll have to think about that. Maybe the house for sale would be “SQUEEZED OUT BY DUST.” Naw… I’d have to think of something verrrrry funny! Math class minus MEE … Naw…. (I can’t find my thinking cap!)

  3. Janet Kerr

    Loved these. Thanks for the much needed laughter this morning. What magazine? I think I’d like it? Loved the one about selling before the adult children move back in. Ha ha. Here’s my contributions. House for sale by owner: It’s getting old and worn down, much like we are, and we just don’t want to deal with it. And then for the LDS neighborhood and culture…House for sale: Been Bishop (or Relief Society Pres.) for 20+ years and can think of no other way to get released other than death. This seemed the better option.


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