Who Is My Neighbor

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WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR? By Virginia Mueller, Illustrated by Lorraine Arthur.


Who is your neighbor? A neighbor is part of your family of love. He does not live in your house, but he should live in your heart. Neighbors are everywhere. They live in the house next door, in the tent next to your tent, across the hall, two farms down a country road. Some neighbors live faraway. They may be people you have never seen – who have difference faces and live in different places. You can thank God for His blessings by sharing with these neighbors – food to eat, clothes to wear, medicine to make them well, money to build a schoolhouse, or dig a well for water. With neighbors who live nearby, you can share backyards, apples from your apple tree, falling leaves, a puddle, a secret. Who is your neighbor? A neighbor is someone who needs you. You can be a good neighbor by helping someone who needs help, by caring what happens to others, by giving instead of getting. Neighbors work together. Neighbors play together. Neighbors pray to our Father together. A neighbor is part of your family of love. God wants you to widen your heart to include all of His children.



Thank you – all of you and each of you – for being wonderful neighbors and compassionate Good Samaritans. Have a beautiful Sabbath!

7 thoughts on “Who Is My Neighbor

  1. Teri Wharff

    That is such a beautiful message in that sweet little book! I need to purchase it and read it everyday! Thank you for sharing MEE!

  2. Janet Kerr

    Thanks for sharing this and for being such a good neighbor in this “blog world” or as I’ve come to lovingly think of it as “MEE’s porch.” Thanks for welcoming so many of us who don’t have the privilege of physically living in your neighborhood and yet can still be your neighbors. Much love!❤️

    1. Merrilee Slack

      I totallly agree with Janet Kerr. Thank you for sharing with us in the “blog world”. We all need you as our neighbor!


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