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New Year’s Resolutions

A BETTER WAY TO MAKE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS By Nancy Smyth, Director of Individual and Group Coaching, The Arbinger Institute – 14 Dec 2016 Perhaps there is a better way to make New Year’s resolutions. Each year, people think about making resolutions in order to improve themselves. Perhaps you have already formed yours. Usually resolutions arise from thinking about what… Read more »

Why I Love the Brethren

Here’s Alice’s talk which I promised to post today. “WHY I LOVE THE BRETHREN,” ALICE A. WARNER – BYU WOMEN’S CONFERENCE – 1995   (Susette Fletcher Green, Dawn Hall Anderson, and Dlora Hall Dalton, eds., Hearts Knit Together: Talks from the 1995 Women’s Conference, p.21)  Alice A. Warner graduated from Brigham Young University and is president and CEO of an… Read more »

Santa Claus and the Temple

WHAT SANTA CLAUS AND THE TEMPLE HAVE IN COMMON An Apostle Shares What Santa Claus and the Temple Have in Common By Boyd K. Packer, excerpted from “The Holy Temple” | Nov. 30, 2016 President Packer’s book, The Holy Temple, is a classic of LDS literature that has become one of the most comprehensive and definitive works written about temples. In fact,… Read more »


Today is the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith, so I want to share some thoughts and feelings about him. I shared something similar last year, and on my Blog comments yesterday were two which were VERY disturbing and unwelcome. Someone had gone back to what I posted a year ago and made blasphemous comments about Joseph… Read more »


This is a repeat from last year. But FEI convinced me that some of you DID NOT TRY HER RECIPE!! Therefore, she insisted it be posted again (sigh… or make that SNORT!) Fei likes to call it “Piggy Pudding.”  Whatever.  This is being published due to popular demand (and you might be asking “Who demanded this???”).  Fei has guarded this… Read more »


MEEThinks   December 14, 2016   1 Comment on A SWEET SANTA STORY

I am one who strongly believes that we need to be conscious of keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS. But I also love the sweet magic of Santa, which adds to the love and joy and excitement of Christmas. I ran across this story (which many of you may have seen already) which touched my heart and soul so deeply. I hope… Read more »