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MEEThinks   May 28, 2017   No Comments on CDB

Many years ago (more than 50, I think … is that “many?”) my room-mate and I lived next door to a family with a cute little girl named Judy. We became friends and are still friends (although we don’t see each other nearly often enough). One time when we got together she showed me a book I had given her… Read more »

More from the book quiz

There were additional comments made about the quiz I posted yesterday.  You’ll find my favorite if you keep reading. But don’t cheat, OK?  OK!  (I have my sources). One of the comments was so funny that I had to share it. It seems there was a Far Side comic showing Herman Melville writing and discarding page after page after page,… Read more »


With a huge thank-you to Jackie Hicken and the Deseret News, here’s a quiz about BOOKS. Her title was “Think you know literature? See if you recognize these famous first lines.”  So… when you get a chance… off you go!  (And if you have amazing self-control, don’t look at the answers before you give your best shot at guessing). QUESTION… Read more »

A Story from World War II

I’m reading a very interesting book: Sergeant Nibley PhD: Memories of an Unlikely Screaming Eagle. It’s a biography of Hugh Nibley’s experience during WWII. I had no idea he’d been part of the 101st Airborne Division, that he’d been at Camp Ritchie, that he was part of D-Day at Normandy, and so on. I’m not all the way through the… Read more »