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MEEThinks   November 20, 2016   10 Comments on MORE GRATITUDE

In the stake religion class which I have the joy and blessing of teaching, we shared feelings and experiences this past Wednesday (our last class of this “semester”) about a phrase from Hymn # 131, “More Holiness Give Me.” We’ve been taking phrases from this beautiful, meaningful hymn and discussing things like more holiness, more purpose in prayer, more joy… Read more »

From OZ

MEEThinks   June 9, 2016   4 Comments on From OZ

I TRIED TO POST THIS ON FACEBOOK, BUT THE PICTURE WAS TOO LARGE?? (Or something) … My thought was: MAYBE THIS REFERS TO MEE . . . ???  (But I laughed anyway) .  

Thursday 02 May 1996

Vicki Reynolds wrote on this blog that they’re showing “Mothers and Daughters” for a Relief Society activity. I’m not sure which one she means. It sounds like the one with the wives of the First Presidency where each had one daughter with her. Sister Hinckley had her eldest daughter, Kathleen (Kathy). This one is on YouTube (1999). It’s great! My… Read more »