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There are some messages (talks, articles, etc.) which have taught and touched and helped and motivated me to such an extent that I like to share them. Food for thought. Invitations to make some changes in our thinking and behavior. “Ponderables”


MEEThinks   September 4, 2016   5 Comments on PEACE

Does it seem to you like there is an increase of darkness, confusion, contention, and trouble in this world where we live? In the country where you live, the community, and even the neighborhood? And perhaps even in your own home with your own family? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ve been thinking a LOT about a quote from FEI: “The… Read more »


MEEThinks   August 5, 2016   16 Comments on BLESSINGS

OK… you and I – all of us – receive emails that are kind of… uh … sappy? I’m not sure how to describe what I mean, but I think you get it, right? Things we wouldn’t pass on even if we’d win a free ticket to a fishing expedition on Enoch Pond.  Today’s post is one I’ve hesitated on…… Read more »


MEEThinks   July 26, 2016   4 Comments on The VASA

Several years ago a friend and I were visiting Sweden (my sister and her husband were on a mission there) for the first time. We saw some very interesting and beautiful places. I was especially fascinated by a very old boat which was preserved in a climate-controlled “museum” kind of place. The boat was called the Vasa. The King of… Read more »