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MUSIC inspires and motivate mee like few other things in my life, and I love to share examples and experiences where I’ve been so lifted and blessed


MEEThinks   June 23, 2016   No Comments on ROB GARDNER

Some of you may remember the post and comments a while ago about LDS composer Rob Gardner and the song (I call it a hymn) he wrote called “You Have Nothing to Fear.” Well, if you haven’t seen THIS yet, TAKE A LOOK AND A LISTEN!!!  

MIMI found the MUSIC!

I shared the words to this hymn in a previous blog but couldn’t find the music. MIMI FOUND IT!  In case you can’t find the words, I’ll share them again. Thanks SO much, Mimi, for your SSS: Successful Search and Sharing!  ENJOY! Mimi’s note:  I was able to find the sheet music for it: YouTube: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO… Read more »


MEEThinks   April 16, 2016   4 Comments on FEAR NOT

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR – Rob Gardner Several months ago one of my nephew’s, David Andrew Edmunds, passed away. Another nephew sang a beautiful song by Rob Gardner (I think William Hyde may have written the words). It was SO beautiful – so comforting and tender. Here are the words (and maybe you can find the tune on YouTube?…… Read more »


MEEThinks   March 29, 2016   2 Comments on I LOVE MUSIC!

On Sunday afternoon I listened to the Messiah on KBYU-FM (I pretty much have this radio station on all the time). This recent recording by the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra with special guests as soloists is exquisite! I really enjoyed listening. It brought back many memories of participating in the Messiah for many years while I was still in my… Read more »


MEEThinks   December 24, 2015   3 Comments on ROOM IN THE INN

Years ago I met Marvin K. Gardner who worked with Church magazines.  He’s one of the “good guys.”  He’s written hymns, including “Press Forward, Saints.”  He was on the committee which prepared the 1985 hymn book.  He wrote the words to a beautiful hymn, “Room In The Inn,” which was published in the New Era in December of 1989. This… Read more »


MEEThinks   December 13, 2015   3 Comments on “THE MESSIAH”

Last evening I had a deeply moving, beautiful experience which fed and thrilled my soul. I attended “The Messiah” in the San Clemente stake center – an interfaith performance which was completely wonderful.  What a perfect way to add to this season of the year. If anyone reading this lives at all close to San Clemente, get over there this… Read more »