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MUSIC inspires and motivate mee like few other things in my life, and I love to share examples and experiences where I’ve been so lifted and blessed

Mummy’s getting cranky!

Thanks to my friend Sylvia for sharing. This is a gift to SLEEP-DEPRIVED PARENTS from the Sydney Symphony and the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. Classical music lovers (I’m one of those) will recognize the music, but have a good time listening to the new words by Matthew Hodge. Mummy’s getting cranky! ENJOY!!  (I hope this link works)      

A Song for Sunday

MEEThinks   August 2, 2015   1 Comment on A Song for Sunday

In 1966 (before many of you were born, eh?) a movie came out called “The Singing Nun.” Oh, I loved that movie! It was a semi-biographical film about the life of Jeanine Deckers, a nun in France who recorded a chart-topping record with her song “Dominique.”  The movie starred Debbie Reynolds (she was SO good!) as the singing nun, and… Read more »

One Sweetly Solemn Thought

When I was first a missionary (53 years ago!), we had a mission song. It was one I didn’t know, but it became very important and meaningful to me as we sang it many times. Maybe it’s one you haven’t heard (or don’t remember) – “ONE SWEETLY SOLEMN THOUGHT.” And oh does it ever provide some ideas for pondering…. One… Read more »


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra started in the nation’s capital with two sold-out performances at the Music Center at Strathmore, and the momentum built from there. The Stern Auditorium /Perelman Stage at New York’s Carnegie Hall was the hands-down favorite concert for most Choir and Orchestra members, and the audience cheered for more. Singing on the legendary stage was… Read more »


MEEThinks   July 8, 2015   No Comments on KIND WORDS

We started having “Home Night” way back when – for as long as I can remember. It was even before it began to be called “Family Home Evening,” with encouragement to gather as a family each Monday evening. I remember being quite excited about “Home Night” as a child. We got to stand by the mantle and recite a poem… Read more »