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MEEThinks   April 4, 2018   No Comments on ELDER GONG

Many of you have probably already read (and pondered) this talk, printed in the ENSIGN, July 2014. I thought I’d share it again now that he has been named one of the two new Apostles. ENJOY!!! BECOMING PERFECT IN CHRIST – By Elder Gerritt Walter Gong We sing with our children, “I feel my Savior’s love, the love he freely… Read more »

In case you didn’t see this

At least 90% of you have read this, but in case you didn’t see it, I’m sharing (as I’m sure others have shared).  Robert Kirby is a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune. The title of this one is:K “Wait’ll you see how much the Mormon church pays me.” Enjoy. (15 January 2017)   Despite the fact that I have… Read more »


MEEThinks   December 14, 2016   1 Comment on A SWEET SANTA STORY

I am one who strongly believes that we need to be conscious of keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS. But I also love the sweet magic of Santa, which adds to the love and joy and excitement of Christmas. I ran across this story (which many of you may have seen already) which touched my heart and soul so deeply. I hope… Read more »


MEEThinks   December 24, 2015   3 Comments on ROOM IN THE INN

Years ago I met Marvin K. Gardner who worked with Church magazines.  He’s one of the “good guys.”  He’s written hymns, including “Press Forward, Saints.”  He was on the committee which prepared the 1985 hymn book.  He wrote the words to a beautiful hymn, “Room In The Inn,” which was published in the New Era in December of 1989. This… Read more »


MEEThinks   November 27, 2015   4 Comments on BLACK FRIDAY

Yep… it’s “BLACK FRIDAY.” I’ve always wondered why they chose black (rather than yellow, green, red, purple, apricot, or ash grey…)  And why not turkey-brown Thursday, plaid Wednesday, fuchsia Tuesday… (I’m getting carried away… I can tell, and YOU can tell too). Anyway, this is black Friday, and many stores resemble ant hills. Is it REALLY like this??? (I’ve never… Read more »


The TOFW today and last evening: INCREDIBLE!  Thanks to EVERYONE who helped it happen!  I had a fantastic time!  I feel like if I start thanking individuals I’ll never be able to stop.  How about Jenny and her 4 children… Sheri’s interview of Natalie and Mallory (and some fantastic Studio C clips)… and Mary.  How about Gentri, Lisa, Tim, Hank,… Read more »