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OH DO I EVER LOVE WORDS!! Sometimes it’s just one word — finding the meaning(s) and pondering a single word. Often it’s trying to put words together in a way which expresses what I’m feeling, which comes out so beautifully (way too rare). I LOVE WORDS!!!


MEEThinks   July 15, 2016   4 Comments on FUN WITH WORDS

Below is a sampling of entrees from one of the Washington Post’s most popular annual contests, the Neologism Contest, in which contestants are asked to create new words with various restrictions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. CHANGE A WORD BY ONE LETTER Guiltar: A musical instrument whose strings are pulled by your mother. Eruditz: A philosophy professor… Read more »


MEEThinks   February 9, 2016   17 Comments on PUNS

These are puns for educated minds.  So ALL of you are welcome, of course!  I made up my mind that I’d not add too many pictures… because they’ll probably just disappear, like SO MANY other pictures I’ve posted…. (screaming in the background).  HOWEVER… once again I got “carried away” (and have done a LOT of laughing). I COULDN’T HELP MEE-SELF!!!!… Read more »


MEEThinks   February 8, 2016   4 Comments on WHAT’S UP??

This is a very amusing story about the word “up.”  After you read it you realize how many times you use the word “up” and with different meanings.  This word… UP … in the English language has more meanings than any other 2-letter word. It can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and preposition. Keep reading, OK?  Don’t give UP!… Read more »


MEEThinks   September 25, 2015   7 Comments on OBFUSCATORY SCRIVENERY

Several years ago I came across some information about obfuscatory scrivenery – or, so I can understand it: FOGGY WRITING. Enjoy! This may cause you to do some research and come up with your own “scores.” (This will be here later if you’re really busy today).   Some years ago, a New York plumber discovered that hydrochloric acid was dandy… Read more »


MEEThinks   September 2, 2015   No Comments on ANAGRAMS

You take a word (or two of more), re-arrange the letters, and you come up with all kinds of amazing things! Could this be your next hobby??  Maybe . . . . PRESBYTERIAN:  BEST IN PRAYER ASTRONOMER:  MOON STARER DESPERATION:  A ROPE ENDS IT THE EYES:  THEY SEE GEORGE BUSH:  HE BUGS GORE THE MORSE CODE:  HERE COME DOTS DORMITORY: … Read more »